Hello. My name is Shay. I am a web designer & online marketer with a passion for fashion. Growing up, I kinda knew that I had an eye for design. I enjoyed DIY crafts and drawing. I even learned how to sew at the age of 8, and sewed my dolls’ dresses. In high school, I started creating simple websites for a small fee. I created this blog to inspire others who are passionate about design and hope to draw creativity to others.

I want to help others achieve their dreams and become entrepreneurs like me one day! O realized that the online space is a great opportunity to build a career from your passions. I plan to become more successful with my career in web design and online marketing and hopefully make a positive impact on others.

You can create a website, build an online following, and even start your own business. I started blogging as a way to share my knowledge with others. I hope that by sharing my experiences and encouraging others to pursue their dreams. I believe that you should always be learning and trying new things, and keeping up with the latest developments in your field is a must. The internet can be an amazing resource and it can help you access the information you need quickly and easily. It can also provide you with opportunities for networking and building meaningful relationships with like-minded people.

I first started blogging as a way to share my knowledge of the fashion industry with others. I realized that the online space was a great platform to build a career from my passions. I love sharing the latest trends in fashion, business and web development, even interior design. And I love seeing all of the positive feedback that I receive from my readers.