What Should I Wear to Concealed Carry?

What Should I Wear to Concealed Carry?

When it comes to concealed carry attire, it’s essential to wear clothing that doesn’t compromise the firearm’s security. Oversized shirts should be avoided. Not only do they tangle the gun in their fabric, but they can also cause the gun’s finish to corrode from sweat. A good choice is a light cotton undershirt. Athletic wear is better than regular clothes, as it wicks sweat.

Natural fabrics

Natural fabrics are an excellent choice for concealment because they are comfortable and easy to wear. Additionally, they offer excellent hiding, especially for smaller firearms. When choosing natural fabrics, look for a material with a print or pattern rather than a solid color. This will help distract the eye from seeing the print of the firearm.

Wool is a natural fabric with excellent concealment capabilities. It’s breathable, making it the best clothes for concealed carry. In addition, wool is highly insulating so you can use it all year. Wool also helps regulate body temperature, so it’s great for colder climates.


The key to choosing the right clothes for concealment is to find a comfortable style and avoid prints and colors that are too contrasting. You want your outfit to throw on and take off without thinking quickly. It’s best to keep your business consistent throughout your travels so that you can quickly identify what is most comfortable.

The shirt you wear should be able to hide your weapon well. Shirts with patterns will often make the firearm or other item you’re carrying look like a little piece of clothing. These shirts can be flannel, heavy polyester, or a cotton blend. The thicker the fabric, the better. If you live in the South, you may have to sacrifice some style for concealment.


Prints on firearms can be a controversial issue. While many gun enthusiasts and experts argue that printing is not a problem, some disagree. While they may not want to offend anyone, some people may be more comfortable carrying concealed weapons without printing. 

Firstly, printing your firearm can draw attention to it, making you feel paranoid and uncomfortable. Secondly, you may find it harder to conceal your firearm. This may make you constantly check it in your pocket, adjust your clothing, or reach out to touch it. In addition, you might also get started by strangers when you have a firearm on your hip. Again, keeping the printing small can help you conceal your firearm.

Pants with belt loops

Concealed carry pants allow you to carry your firearm or other items discreetly. They are comfortable and adjustable and can also be worn like a shirt. You won’t even be able to tell that you’re wearing a holster! These pants are also perfect for hiking and camping trips.

When buying pants with belt loops, check the pocket width to ensure you have the proper holster size. Also, look for pants with large belt loops that will support the weight of your holster and those with a button or zipper fly for extra security.

Shirts with a tie-front/knot-front

Shirts with a tie-front or knot-front are a great way to conceal your concealed carry firearm without drawing attention. To use one of these shirts, unbutton the shirt at the bottom and tie the front. It should be snug, with the secured portion of the fabric inside. This will allow the gun to be concealed and still be easily accessed.

There are a few different styles of shirts with a tie-front or knot-front. One popular style is the Windsor women’s shirt with a tie-front. This top is both flirty and elegant. Because the front ties up, you can wear a regular bra underneath to add extra support and padding.


Dress-casual concealed carry looks very casual. Think about the shoulder-holstered police officers in movies like Dirty Harry, Miami Vice, or Steve McQueen in Bullitt. While it’s true that a suit jacket or blazer won’t give you much concealment, they will allow you to stay comfortable. The fact is that unless you sprint, you probably don’t need much concealment.

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