Different Kinds of Round Engagement Rings

Different Kinds of Round Engagement Rings

Getting a round engagement ring means that you are looking for a diamond that is cut in a round shape. There are several kinds of round cuts, including Round, Cushion, and Marquise.

Round Diamonds

Whether looking for a ring to give to your sweetheart or something to wear daily, round diamonds are a timeless choice. They are also a great choice if you are looking for an heirloom piece. However, before you jump in, you should look at some factors that will help you make an informed choice.

The cut is the most crucial factor to consider when buying round diamonds. A good amount allows more light to shine through the stone, resulting in a more brilliant diamond. The shape is also an essential factor to consider. The round diamond, a shape typical in jewelry, is also a great choice, reflecting more light than other diamond shapes. The GIA has standardized the grading scale for round diamonds. A round diamond’s grade is determined by comparison to a reference stone. Clarity, cut, and color are the criteria that make up the grade. The latter can be challenging to discern, especially if the grading system doesn’t have a color grade.

A flawless, high-caliber man-made diamond that is reasonably priced. The round diamond may be the most popular option for round engagement rings, but a round moissanite ring is a good alternative. Moissanite is available in various shapes and sizes. Additionally, round diamonds come in a plethora of forms. These include the pear cut, the princess cut, and the brilliant round cut.

Marquise Diamonds

Those looking for the perfect engagement ring should pay attention to the Marquise diamonds. These diamonds are the ideal shape for adorning a ring. These diamonds are not as famous as other diamonds and can be found at a much lower price.

Marquise diamonds are usually set in prongs. These prongs hold the point of the diamond and prevent chipping.

The diamonds can range in color from colorless to yellow. The grades from D to F are typically in high demand if you want to purchase a colorless diamond.

The cut of the diamond is also an essential factor to consider when buying a Marquise. The amount of the diamond will determine how well it looks. A well-cut diamond will always be a classic choice.

Marquise diamonds are also known to have a bow-tie effect. This is where the center of the diamond appears to have a dark area. This is a result of insufficient light refraction. The bow-tie effect is not desirable.

You should consider the length and width ratio when looking at Marquise diamonds. The ideal length-to-width ratio is a ratio of 2:1.

Halo Cut Diamonds

Getting a halo-cut diamond engagement ring is romantic and an eye-catching design. Adding more diamonds to the halo ring makes the ring opulent. These ring styles, including round, oval, princess, and princess cut diamonds, can complement any diamond shape.

A round halo engagement ring has a center diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. The smaller stones fill the gap between the main stone and the band. This halo style is trendy because of the added sparkle.

Women who prefer a more romantic and feminine ring frequently choose a halo engagement ring. A pave diamond setting is commonly used in this fashion. Additionally, it costs less than other ring designs.

Another popular style is the cushion cut halo engagement ring. This is a classic design that’s also popular because of the unmatched brilliance of the diamond. This style can be seen in yellow and white gold. It also features a pave diamond band.

An engagement ring with a cushion-cut halo typically costs less than a round diamond. It can be worn with a straightforward wedding band. You can choose a center stone that is bezel- or prong-set. The accent diamonds may be cut into trillion, baguette, or marquise shapes. The color of the accent diamonds may go well with the color of the center stone.

A cushion cut halo engagement is available in white, yellow, or platinum. The band is often bezel set but can also be pave set.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Choosing the perfect Cushion Cut diamond for your engagement ring requires more than just the sight of a diamond. Researching your options and finding the perfect diamond for your personality is essential.

Cushion Cut diamonds are often in brilliant modified cuts and square or elongated shapes. They are often seen in a halo setting, giving them a classic and vintage aesthetic.

Cushion cuts are the third most typical diamond shape. Despite their popularity, they remain less expensive than other shapes. The price ranges from 25% to 50% less than a round diamond. The price depends on several factors, including carat weight, carat size, and the shape of the diamond. The cost of a cushion-cut diamond can change as the diamond shape becomes more popular.

However, if you are not interested in the antique look, there are better choices than cushion cuts for your engagement ring. Cushion cuts are also less likely to chip than princess diamonds. They can also have more fire than a round diamond.

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