7 Stylish Moto Helmets for a Fashionable Ride

7 stylish moto helmets for a fashionable ride

The function of a motorcycle helmet is a means of protection and safety for the rider. The more features and the high level of protection, the more expensive motorcycle helmets are. However, that does not mean you can not look good while staying safe. This is a list of the seven safest and most stylish helmets in the world!

To get maximum protection, many motorcyclists are willing to spend a lot of money to get a helmet with the best quality and excellent durability. There are indeed many who choose helmets with very high prices for safety’s sake. Not only are they safe, but the helmets will also ensure you have the best look on the street.

7 Stylish Moto Helmets

1. Arai MZ R.C.

This helmet is constructed with 11 layers of carbon which are combined with a unique titanium net by utilizing the latest PB-SNC technology.

The interior is designed with removable, breathable, and even non-allergenic lining. The Arai MZ R.C. helmet also has a quality ventilation system to support user comfort.

2. Arai Corsair V Race Carbon Fiber

The price set for this helmet is no joke! As one of the most expensive helmets in the world, the Arai Corsair V Race Carbon Fiber is priced at $3,000!

The frame used for this helmet is composed of 11 different layers of high-quality carbon fiber.

In addition, there is still a sophisticated air circulation system, cheek pads that are easy to disassemble, an AirWing system for coolness during driving, to the Super AdSis protection system specially developed by Arai.

3. AGV Pista GP R Carbon

One main reason that makes this helmet into the ranks of the most expensive is the official helmet worn by Valentino Rossi to reach the peak of his career in the MotoGP arena.

Made from 100% 3K carbon fiber, this helmet is also designed to focus on its aerodynamic efficiency.

This helmet is also designed to fit the “hump” on the racing suit. As a helmet developed in the MotoGP arena, the A.G.V. Pista G.P. R Carbon is equipped with an integrated hydration system. Other developments can also be seen in the spoiler.

4. Arai RX-7V RC Carbon

If the A.G.V. Pista G.P. Carbon is developed in the MotoGP arena, it differs from the Arai RX-7V RC Carbon. This helmet is equipped with GP-6 RC technology, developed in the Formula1 racing track.

This helmet is equipped with Variable Axis System or VAS technology and has a smoother shell. The primary material is carbon fiber, carefully applied to enhance its quality and value.

What makes this helmet special is the carbon fiber standard used, equivalent to the carbon fiber standard for aircraft. In addition, the material is refined by the application of Arai’s Zylon resin.

5. Schuberth SR1

Plain color fan? If so, the Schuberth SR1 is the helmet that suits your taste. With a glossy black or white exterior, this helmet has three layers of fiber utilizing Schubert’s patent technology – S.T.R.O.N.G. fiber, glass fiber, and carbon fiber (carbon fiber).

The inside is even more incredible; the interior is made of C.O.O.L.M.A.X. material and EPS foam and is equipped with silencers and an air circulation system for total silence and maximum comfort while driving.

6. Shoei X-12 Daijiro

This helmet, produced by the Japanese manufacturer Shoei, was specially made to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the death of Daijiro Kato, the MotoGP racer from Japan.

The design of this helmet made by Shoei adopts a unique color pattern that became the hallmark of the late Kato every time he competed in the arena, thus making this product a form of Shoei’s respect for the late racer. 

In addition to the value behind the design, this helmet is also equipped with various quality features.

7. Shark Race-R Pro G.P.

This helmet is known as the Lorenzo Helmet because it is identical to the figure of the MotoGP champion. If you want to have this full-face motorcycle helmet, you have to be willing to spend thousands of dollars.

Armed with experience as a helmet in the MotoGP race arena, the design of this helmet continues to evolve to offer the best aerodynamics. However, the construction looks unusual with the sloping rear wing.

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