The Science of Appearance Men’s Fashion Grooming and Lifestyle

The Science of Appearance Men's Fashion Grooming and Lifestyle

It’s time to learn about the science of appearance men’s fashion grooming and lifestyle. Are you a man who pays attention to appearances?

If the answer is yes, that is perfect because paying attention to your appearance will make you look more attractive. In addition, a man who looks attractive and well put together will get along quickly with others.

But suppose you haven’t paid much attention to your appearance and are still confused about what to wear. In that case, you don’t have to worry because now, you can start changing your appearance by using incredible men’s fashion items, such as those in the following list of the science of appearance men’s fashion grooming and lifestyle.

Smart Men’s Casual Fashion Items

This time, let’s start with smart casual fashion items, namely fashion items that will keep you looking cool and tidy so that they are suitable for use in various types of situations. Here’s what you can use.


Flannel shirts are one of the fashion items that are very appropriate to use if you still want to look neat and, at the same time, relaxed. They are perfect for attending school, family events, or hanging out with friends.

You can choose a flannel shirt with long sleeves to get a smart casual impression. This flannel shirt includes flexible clothing, as long as you can use it properly.

You can use this shirt as an outerwear item to make it look more relaxed by removing the buttons on the shirt and using a plain shirt as underwear. Or, if you want to look a little more formal, you can button the shirt.

You can combine it with dark jeans and leather shoes for a more relaxed style. Fold the long sleeves a bit, and wear a watch so that it adds value to your appearance.


It is mandatory if you have warm clothes for those who work in an air-conditioned office daily or live in cold cities. Well, one way to stay warm and at the same time look excellent is to use a sweater as outerwear.

Of course, a sweater will give a casual impression, but combining it with a short shirt will look good! To apply this, you must be careful in choosing and combining the sweaters and shirts you use.

You can wear a sweater that matches your shirt’s color, making your appearance attractive. Even though this combination is superb. Your appearance will become a mess if your chosen colors don’t match or can’t be combined.

Polo Shirt

Doubting the value of a polo shirt is fatal. The reason is that a polo shirt is more than enough to make the wearer look more relaxed and mature.

And especially for those still young, a polo shirt will make you look more authoritative. This way, you won’t be easily underestimated. Cool, isn’t it? 

This one fashion item alone can increase the value of your appearance! What’s more, if you can combine it with other fashion items, it will look pretty cool.

You can combine it with several different accessories, like wearing a watch with a leather strap, long chino pants, and neutral-colored sneakers.

Want to look more macho? You can also wear sunglasses and a sporty hat.

the science of appearance men s fashion grooming and lifestyle

Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are the last item in the article on the science of appearance men’s fashion grooming and lifestyle. Are you tired of the same old jacket? Why not try a bomber jacket?

Besides making your body warm, a bomber jacket can make you look more relaxed and manly, especially if you combine it with jeans, a black T-shirt, and a smart pair of boots.

And basically, it’s not going to be difficult for you to combine a bomber jacket with other fashion items, as long as the color of the jacket matches the pants you’re wearing. Even though it is a casual fashion item, you need to look presentable if you want to get maximum value from using this jacket.

For example, for the hair section, you should arrange your hair neatly to look more authoritative when using a bomber jacket.

the science of appearance men s fashion grooming and lifestyle

Men’s Grooming and Lifestyle Tips

Talking about the science of appearance men’s fashion grooming and lifestyle, let us be focused on grooming this time. Maybe some people still wonder what grooming is and its benefits for men. Grooming for men is a variety of habits that focus on improving your appearance and taking care of yourself, from looking after your skin (perhaps with the help of something like these facial services in Lexington, KY) to making sure you smell great.

Please make no mistake. Body care needs to be done by women and men. Personal hygiene and a neat appearance are the rights of everyone, both men and women.

The benefits of grooming for men don’t just make you more eye-catching or attract the glances of women. Men’s grooming also boosts self-confidence and maintains overall health.

Here are simple grooming tips for men to be ready to give their maximum appearance daily.

the science of appearance men s fashion grooming and lifestyle

Shaving or Trimming The Mustache and Beard

Facial hair, aka beards, is one of the timeless trends in men’s appearance. Moreover, men also have the freedom to maintain a mustache and beard. For those seeking well-groomed facial services, it becomes crucial to understand the impact of neglecting beard care.

Unfortunately, if facial hair is not taken care of, it can indirectly reflect the nature of the owner. A beard that is left long without regular maintenance will give the impression of being messy or lazy.

Regularly Cutting Nails

The next grooming tip for men is to be diligent in cutting their nails, including your toenails. Yes, too long toenails will give the impression that you are an untidy person.

Plus, leaving your nails long without treatment will cause them to grow thicker due to physical trauma (constantly hitting the inside of the shoe).

the science of appearance men s fashion grooming and lifestyle

Wash Well

Hair care is one of the most important parts of grooming men. However, not a few men still make mistakes when shampooing. Shampooing in the shower is to get rid of oil and dirt from the scalp.

Spray Enough Cologne

A pleasant body odor also supports a neat and clean appearance. Therefore, ensure you don’t forget the men’s grooming section, cologne.

If you use strong-smelling perfume or eau de toilette, spray twice. Meanwhile, you can spray three times for lighter types of perfume, such as cologne.


There you have it, eight easy tips to help you master the science of appearance men’s fashion grooming and lifestyle. If it seems overwhelming, just pick one and start there.

If you are looking for other fashion tips, check out some of my other fashion advice articles.

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